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Owning a pool means that repairs will be inevitable at some point. Even the best-maintained pools will eventually require repairs due to equipment issues, aging, or general wear and tear. When that time comes, it’s crucial to have a reliable team of swimming pool repair specialists at your side – that’s where Pro Pool Pittsburgh steps in.

Our pool repair experts can help diagnose your swimming pool issues and offer convenient, cost-effective, and valuable repair solutions. No matter the problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! With our experience, tools, and expertise, we’re equipped to handle virtually any repair your swimming pool may require.

Clogged Pump Impeller

If you think your pool’s pump is causing issues, it’s likely you have a clogged pump impeller. Although the filter basket in front of the impeller is designed to prevent clogging, even tiny debris can pass through and eventually create a blockage. This often occurs as the seasons change and leaves fall into your pool.

A clogged impeller affects your pool’s plumbing system, leading to unpleasant noises from the pump, low filter pressure, and slow or no pumping. Our team can unclog the pump and reset the pool filter to ensure smooth flow.

Leaking Pool Filter

Address any leaks around your pool filter promptly to avoid high water bills, water waste, and damage to your plumbing and pool equipment. If the filter is leaking, it’s likely due to a faulty O-ring, broken seal, or damaged filter housing. Our team will quickly identify the cause and provide a dependable repair.

Pump Basket Problems

The pump basket is essential for keeping your pool, pump, and pump impeller free from debris. Homeowners often face one of two common basket issues: the basket not filling with water properly for effective filtration, or a damaged basket allowing debris to pass through. These issues may result from inadequate maintenance, a leak in the system, or extreme weather changes.

Inadequate Water Circulation

Proper water circulation is crucial for your swimming pool. Without it, stagnant water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and unsanitary conditions. Good circulation ensures water is filtered correctly by the pool’s equipment and that disinfecting chemicals are distributed evenly.

Non-functional Pool Heater

Pool heaters, like other pool equipment, may encounter problems. Our team is equipped to resolve any pool heater issue, ensuring your water is heated as desired.

Common pool heater malfunctions that require repair include

  • Pilot light not igniting

  • Heater shutting off before reaching the desired temperature

  • Insufficient water flow to the heater

  • Rust on the heater

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