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Hot Tub and Spa Cover Installation Service

Pro Pool Pittsburgh is here to help pool owners get their pools ready for the summer season. Leave the heavy lifting and messy tasks to our skilled technicians. We're not only capable of opening your pool but also ensuring it's all set for you and your family to dive in as soon as the temperatures rise. Over the years, we've built strong customer relationships by prioritizing their needs.

Pittsburgh area's professional span and hot tub cover installation service

Trusted Spa & Hot Tub Cover Installation Services for Pittsburgh

Is your hot tub cover showing signs of wear and tear? Faded, torn, or no longer providing a tight seal? Upgrading to a new cover keeps your spa protected while saving on energy bills. But buying the right cover and installing it properly is key. Leave it to Pittsburgh’s spa and hot tub cover installation service pros!

Why Proper Hot Tub Cover Installation Matters

A hot tub cover has a big job – insulating the water, keeping out debris, and preventing evaporation. Improper installation can lead to:

  • Access issues
  • Safety hazards
  • Premature wear & tear
  • Invalid manufacturer warranties

That’s why our technicians take the utmost care in providing expert hot tub cover installation services:

  • Precise sizing and measurements
  • Meticulous alignment of cover to hot tub
  • Step-by-step cover attachment
  • Thorough inspection for tight seal
  • Careful gas shock and lock adjustment

With our hot tub cover installation expertise, your new spa cover will provide maximum efficiency and enjoyment for years to come.

Hot Tub Cover Installation Process Step-By-Step

When you schedule professional hot tub cover installation with us, here is the seamless process you can expect:

Step 1: Sizing & Ordering
We’ll visit your home to take detailed measurements and order a custom-fit hot tub cover made for your exact spa model.

Step 2: Manufacturing
Your new cover will be crafted from the highest quality materials to provide insulation and durability.

Step 3: Delivery
We’ll confirm a convenient delivery date and carefully transport your new cover.

Step 4: Installation
Our technicians will unpack, position, attach, and align the hot tub cover for optimal performance.

Pittsburgh's Trusted Hot Tub and Spa Cover Installation Service

Hot Tub Cover Installation Costs

Pricing for full professional hot tub cover installation ranges from $200 – $450 depending on the spa size and features. This includes delivery, labor, disposal of old cover, and more – no hidden fees!

Replacing just the cover itself costs $350 – $500. Having the experts handle the entire process is worth the investment.

Hot Tub Cover Installation FAQs

How long does hot tub troubleshooting take?2023-10-09T07:04:50-04:00

From 30 minutes for simple fixes to 2 hours for complex diagnosis and repair.

Why does my hot tub have no jets?2023-10-09T07:04:39-04:00

Typically due to airlocks, closed valves, dirty filters or faulty pumps/motors.

Why does my hot tub keep turning off randomly?2023-10-09T07:04:21-04:00

Often caused by overheating issues or problems with pumps cycling on/off.

Why does my hot tub keep tripping the GFCI?2023-10-09T07:04:06-04:00

Usually due to an electrical short, faulty heater, pump issues, or moisture in wiring.

What is the first step in hot tub troubleshooting?2023-10-09T07:03:51-04:00

Checking error codes and performing a visual inspection. Starting with the basics.

How much does hot tub troubleshooting cost?2023-10-09T07:05:27-04:00

Cost varies based on issue complexity, averaging $100-$250 plus repairs. Free estimates!

We get a lot of common questions about our professional spa and hot tub cover installation service:

Time To Upgrade Your Hot Tub’s Cover?

Trust the experts at Pro Pool PGH for reliable spa and hot tub cover installation service and replacement services. We provide custom-fit spa covers designed for your specific hot tub make and model and handle the entire installation process. Contact us today to upgrade your hot tub’s cover!

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