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Hot Tub Winterization

Pro Pool Pittsburgh is here to help pool owners get their pools ready for the summer season. Leave the heavy lifting and messy tasks to our skilled technicians. We're not only capable of opening your pool but also ensuring it's all set for you and your family to dive in as soon as the temperatures rise. Over the years, we've built strong customer relationships by prioritizing their needs.

Pittsburgh's Trusted Professional Hot Tub Winterization service

Pittsburgh’s Trusted Hot Tub Winterization Services Professionals

Why Winterize Your Hot Tub?

With winter just around the corner in Pittsburgh, now is the perfect time to have your hot tub professionally winterized. But why go through the process at all?

Hot Tub Winterization Services – What You Need To Know

Winterizing your hot tub is crucial to avoiding damage from freezing temperatures. Believe it or not, hot tubs can crack and warp under the immense pressure water expands when it freezes. Yikes!

By having a professional perform hot tub winterization services each fall, you ensure:

  • No Busted Pipes: Draining the water from plumbing lines prevents frozen and ruptured pipes.
  • No Fried Circuitry: Disconnecting and safely storing electrical components protects from electrical shorts.
  • No Deformed Acrylic: Draining all standing water keeps cold from warping the shell.
  • No Seized Up Motors: Preventing moisture buildup maintains pump function.
  • No Gross Green Water: Adding sanitizer prevents mold and bacteria growth.

Why Have the Pros Handle Hot Tub Winterization?

DIY hot tub winterization seems easy enough – just drain and cover up, right? Wrong. Improper winterizing can lead to expensive damage.

Our trained technicians take the proper steps to thoroughly winterize your hot tub:

  • Drain plumbing lines and remove filter cartridges
  • Clear all water from the interior surface
  • Detach and store control packs/heating unit
  • Insert RV antifreeze into plumbing lines
  • Disconnect electrical components
  • Secure cover

Trusting hot tub winterization to the professionals guarantees your spa is protected.

Hot Tub Winterization Cost

The cost to have your hot tub professionally winterized ranges $150-$300 depending on the spa size and complexity. This is far less than the cost of repairs from improper winterization.

When to Winterize Your Hot Tub

Schedule hot tub winterization services 1-2 months before freezing temps arrive – generally October & November for Pittsburgh. It takes about 60-90 minutes for our techs to complete the full process.

Hot Tub Winterization Step-By-Step Process

The cost to have your hot tub professionally winterized ranges $150-$300 depending on the spa size and complexity. This is far less than the cost of repairs from improper winterization.

Here is what our professional hot tub winterization service entails:

Step 1 – Drain Hot Tub Water
We’ll connect a hose and drain the spa water from the hot tub. This removes standing water that can freeze and expand.

Step 2 – Remove & Clean Filters
The filter cartridges are detached and rinsed thoroughly to remove any debris.

Step 3 – Drain Interior Plumbing
Your jets will be turned on to force out any remaining water in the internal plumbing lines.

Step 4 – Remove Electrical Components
The control pack and heater will be unplugged and stored for the winter months.

Step 5 – Insert RV Antifreeze
We’ll pour RV antifreeze into the plumbing lines and jets to prevent freezing.

Step 6 – Disconnect Power Source
Finally, we’ll unplug the hot tub from its power source and trip the GFCI breakers.

Step 7 – Install Hot Tub Cover
Your hot tub cover will be secured in place to keep out snow, leaves, pests, and moisture.

And that’s it – your hot tub is officially ready for winter hibernation! Our techs take care of the whole process for you.

Why Choose Pro Pool PGH For Hot Tub Winterization?

local Pittsburgh area hot tub winterization serivces

When it’s time to winterize your hot tub, the professionals at Pro Pool PGH have the experience, training, and tools to do it right. Here’s why we’re Pittsburgh’s top choice for hot tub winterization:

✔ All technicians are certified pool and spa operators
✔ We service all hot tub brands and models
✔ Flexible scheduling – evenings & weekends available
✔ Upfront pricing – no surprises
✔ Fast turnaround – most jobs done in under 2 hours
✔ Detailed winterization documentation
✔ Affordable rates – discount for multiple spas
✔ Winterization supplies & chemicals included
✔ Easy online booking & scheduling

Have a Question? Hot Tub Winterization FAQs

We get a lot of common questions about our hot tub winterization services. Here are answers to our top FAQs:

Do I need to winterize my indoor hot tub?2023-10-09T08:11:47-04:00

If kept actively used, indoor hot tubs may not require full winterization.

Do you winterize swim spas?2023-10-09T08:11:33-04:00

Yes, we are experienced in winterizing all types of spas.

Can I use antifreeze in my hot tub?2023-10-09T08:11:19-04:00

Yes, RV antifreeze is safe. We insert it into plumbing lines.

Is it hard to winterize a hot tub?2023-10-09T08:11:05-04:00

It’s complex – from draining to antifreeze to disconnecting. We handle it all.

When should I winterize my hot tub?2023-10-09T08:10:53-04:00

Schedule 1-2 months before freezing temps arrive, usually October/November.

How much does it cost to winterize a hot tub?2023-10-09T08:10:41-04:00

$150 – $300 depending on size and features. We provide upfront quotes.

Time For Hot Tub Winterization in Pittsburgh!

Don’t let the cold weather catch you off guard. Schedule our certified professionals to winterize your hot tub today and safeguard your investment this winter. We make the process hassle-free and provide peace of mind that your hot tub is protected. Call Pro Pool PGH at (412) 555-0198 or request your quote online to get those hot tub winterization services scheduled!

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